IoBM student represents Pakistan at an international soft tennis tournament

Soft Tennis is an international game and has been played in countries like China, Taiwan, and Korea for decades. Pakistan had its first entry in 2016. The Game contains more or the same rules as Long/Lawn Tennis. The players do have to maintain the standard pressure of the rubber ball while playing soft tennis.

Sahibzada Muhammad Mubeen, a student of BS (JH) Economics and Finance at the Institute of Business Management (IoBM) has made his country proud by bringing accolades as a soft tennis player from Pakistan. Sahibzada Muhammad Mubeen shared the following message: “I have been playing Lawn/Long Tennis since 2012 and have won many Events and Tournament. In 2018 I realized that Soft Tennis has so much potential in our country so I decided to appear for trails in 2018 held at Creek Club for Korea Cup, Seoul and I got selected, unfortunately, the day we were leaving for South Korea my father passed away and I couldn’t make it. I never stopped trying and still wanted to represent my country around the globe, in 2019 I got another chance and appeared in trials held at Union Club Karachi for the 16th World Soft Tennis Championship. With the Blessing of Allah SWT I got selected again and got a chance to represent my county in China where a total of 29 countries were participating.”

The Tournament was held in Taizhou, China from October 25 to November 1, 2019. Pakistan after beating Nepal qualified for the Main Draw. After beating Vietnam, LAOS, and the Czech Republic, Pakistan reached into the Semifinals. However, Pakistan lost to Cambodia in the Semi-Finals.  This was truly an amazing journey for Sahibzada, Muhammad Mubeen as he learned many things. “It was unforgettable and it definitely gives you multiple goosebumps when you represent your country and have that Flag near your Heart. I hope I can bring more laurels to my country and will encourage people till my last breath” said Sahibzada Muhammad Mubeen.

Mubeen could not have achieved this accomplishment without the love and support of his parents. He said, “It’s all because of their supplications and my father must be Proud of me up there. I am also thankful to my University “Institute of Business Management” because of the immense support from President, Sir Talib Karim. I will always be thankful to IoBM because this Institute taught me many things and shaped me in such a way that I can confidently perform at the global stage. I would not have reached such a milestone without my university.”