Innovative ideas presented at IoBM’s ‘Eureka Fair’

Eureka Fair – Online Project Showcase (Fall 2020)
Technology, Operations & Innovation Course (MAN 608)
Management & HRM Department, Institute of Business Management
Held On: January 9, 2021

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With the passage of time, technology has emerged as a key source in managing business operations. In this era, a majority of organizations are executing their businesses with the help of technology and many of them are virtual companies running their operations online. Management & HRM Department offers the course of Technology, Operations and Innovations (MAN-608) in the MBA program so that students can learn the role of innovative technologies in business management.

As part of the experiential learning system, students of Technology, Operations and Innovations are required to solve a business problem by working on an innovative prototype based on the technology-oriented requirements. These projects are showcased in the event entitled Eureka Fair, organized at the end of each semester, where students demonstrated their projects to academicians, industry experts, and other guests. In the current scenario of COVID-19, organizing the Eureka Fair on campus couldn’t be possible as the institute following the SOPs provided by the Government of Pakistan and HEC.

Therefore, an event titled “Eureka Fair – Online Project Showcase (Fall 2020)” was organized online on January 9, 2021. MBA students of Technology, Operations, and Innovation presented their projects in which they have applied all their learnings into developing innovations. Twelve best projects out of thirty were presented and demonstrated online Eureka Fair. The session was started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Dr. Junaid. Dr. Shagufta Ghouri (HoD, Management & HRM Department) officially started the session with a welcome speech. Many guests from the industry have attended the event to encourage and motivate students and guided them to enhance their innovative capabilities. Details of the guests are provided as under:

S. No Name Designation Affiliation
Experts from Industry
1 Syed Azfar Hussain Program Manager National Incubation Center
2 Syed Naseh CEO Diya Interactive
3 Muhammad Ahsan Founder 3reesixty
4 Ammar Jangbarwala CEO Mywater International
5 Muhammad Sufyan CEO Images Unlimited
6 Muhammad Yasir Project Manager Creative Chaos
7 Muhammad Zain Manager IT and Security Audit BankIslami Pvt Ltd
8 Syed Azfar Yazdani Deputy Director Quality Assurance PSO
1 Dr. Shujaat Mubarik Dean, CBM IoBM
2 Dr. Samra Javed Head of ORIC IoBM
3 Dr. Shagufta Ghouri HoD Management & HRM IoBM
4 Mr. Javaid Ahmed Advisor to President IoBM
5 Dr. Adnan Bashir Hod, CBM Research IoBM
6 Ms. Juveria Baig Senior Lecturer IoBM
7 Ms. Saba Gulzar Senior Lecturer IoBM
8 Dr. Samar Yazdani Adjunct Faculty IoBM
9 Mr. Syed Abdul Basit Adjunct Faculty IoBM
10 Mr. Ammad Asim Adjunct Faculty IoBM

MBA students presented and demonstrated their projects and their porotypes online. The honorable guests provided their feedback and suggestions to the students that how can these projects be commercialized and converted into successful marketable products. Mr. Syed Azfar Hussain guided the students regarding incubation opportunities and emphasized strengthening social networks. Mr. Naseh, Mr. Ammar, Dr. Muhammad Sufyan, and Mr. Zain pointed out the strengths and weaknesses of the projects and suggested students in the context of the commercial aspect.  Moreover, guests appreciated the efforts of faculty members teaching this course that include Dr. Junaid Ansari, Dr. Samar Yazdani, Mr. Syed Abdul Basit, and Mr. Ammad Asim. Dr. Shagufta Ghouri, Head of Department concluded the session with a vote of thanks. She appreciated the suggestions and feedback given by the industry experts and acknowledged their presence at the event. As the session was further extended for one hour due to the intensive and interesting presentations of the students and the extensive feedback of the guests on each presentation.  Details of the projects presented in Eureka Fair – Online Project Showcase (Fall 20) are provided given below:

Details of the Shortlisted Projects

S. No Project Title Description Sector Faculty Students
1 Holographic Projection
To introduce a cost-effective way to project holographic figures, for interactive learning. This project is related to the development of holographic technology for online meetings, sessions, e-learning platforms, webinars, and conferences. The holographic technology will provide a real-life experience to the participants and allow them to see a 3D image of the presenter participating in different seminars and conferences. The development of the product is followed by research using experimental design to understand the impact of pre-usage and post-usage experiences related to the newly developed technology.
E-Learning Dr. Junaid Ansari Javeria shakeel 23747,Fazila Mukhtar 23580,Abdul Aziz Afzal Siddiqui 23465
2 Augmented Reality
Our project is based on Augmented Reality for the furniture industry/retailers. Covid has impacted in many ways one of which is leading people to adapt to new technologies in the retail experience. Users can easily augment the furniture in the real-world via their cell phone and select from various options from colors to sizes. Our aim is to create applications for giant furniture retailers in Pakistan country and revamp their whole virtual selling model creating a win-win solution for everyone. A customer can select furniture, augment it in the real-world, and checkout through an e-commerce webpage. A technological yet simple solution to make purchases easy and reducing the number of returns and purchases.
Furniture Dr. Junaid Ansari Anum Zafar (20192-25113),Moiz Ahmed (20192-25001),Rija Ashfaq (20192-24971), Nabeel Naveed Khan (20192-25081)
3 She’s Crafty
She’s Crafty is a brand behind the idea of custom handmade decor. With immense determination and fortitude, passion for real pieces of art turned this dream into reality. We developed the solution that can strengthen the visibility of emerging women curators of tomorrow through this digital forum and let the young female artists prosper in a unique manner. FEMPOWER STORE on our website will consist of a collection of several product pictures from selective sellers including the designs of She’s Crafty. She’s Crafty is an interior design business for discerning, quality-conscious clients that seek assistance in their design choices for their primary residences, vacation homes, and businesses.
Dr. Samar Yazdani Ammarah Yahya (21819),Munazza Arif (19048),Raveena Kumari (19698), Warda Raza (22788)
4 Artonical
Chest X-Ray is a low-cost yet effective and widely used image processing instrument. However, a lack of qualified radiologists limits the applicability of this technique. Using real-world datasets, our objective is to train the classification model from the chest x-ray datasets, released by Wang Et Al. and Guangzhou Women and Children’s Medical Center, and perform accurate diagnoses without the need for any prior knowledge.
Computer Vision In Medical Imaging Dr. Samar Yazdani Emad Hanif (20151-18642),Essa Tanveer (20151-18818),Faizan Ahmed (20151-19393)
5 Online Tracking App
Designing an application for the distributors of PepsiCo specifically targeting their sales team including supervisors, representatives, and order bookers. The application will record the daily activity of their order bookers including their attendance, time spent at each location and the number of orders/visits per day. It will help in increasing the company’s overall sales as well as ensuring the regularity of their order bookers.
FMCG Mr. Syed Abdul Basit M. Hunain Ashraf Batra – 17144,Lailmah Khan – 17185,Abdur Rehman – 17623
6 Carpooling service
Our project is to make a carpooling App for females who face difficulty in traveling due to the transport-related issues that exist in our country. Specifically, when there are odd timings of office or university classes that end in the evening or night females face a lot of difficulties. This project will help such ladies to avail the facility of Carpooling Service.
University Students Mr. Syed Abdul Basit Ayesha Khan – 21221,Misbah Khan – 21955,
7 RepAssist
RepAssist is an advance, easy-to-use mobile app for the sales reps around the pharmaceutical industry which is a single-window solution to analyze the market, their own performance, targets and achievements and total incentives.
Pharmaceutical Mr. Syed Abdul Basit Namra Khalid (20191-25239),Imad Tariq (20181-23700),
8 MediPlus
To introduce a Health-Based Solution in post-Covid time that provides an integrated platform for the user to reach out to doctors virtually, order home testing services, avail ambulance service with real-time geo-location, or book online appointments with specialized doctors. The solution aims to provide the user with a vast range of medical services from the comfort of their home without having to go through the hassle of waiting in long queues at hospitals.
Healthcare Mr. Syed Abdul Basit Umer Khan 20163-20047,Akash Kumar 20131-16129,
9 You’ Dosing System and App
Our idea was to develop an “Automated Ingredients Dosing System” that will serve you the right ingredients and condiments in the right quantity required by the user based on the different number of servings they want to cook for.  This will reduce variability in taste, save time and hustle of cooking food and provide the best hygiene practices in the kitchen. Further, Our Idea includes making an Application by the name of ‘YOU Dosing’ that will serve as a platform to connect the chefs with millions of other chefs all around the world. Where they can share and use recipes of each other.
Appliances Mr. Ammad Asim Yusra Rahat (TL), Aqsa Aleem, Mohsin Khan, Sabih Shahid, Shairam Khan
10 ShopeZZ
Shopping is usually time-consuming and needs a lot of effort. The main problem arises with the time to the time change in the placement of items in the grocery stores. ShopEzZ is an application that provides an in-store navigation system along with crowd control, sales and promotions, shopping partner, self-checkout, and payment gateway. It is projected to be a one window solution for shoppers who look for solutions that bring more convenience, save their time and money.
Navigation Mr. Ammad Asim Hadiqa Iqbal (TL), Aqsa Baig, Moiza Loya, Muhammad Owais, Rehan Ahmed Khan Lodhi
11 Detection of creatinine and Urea
Previously, people used to monitor the blood urea and creatinine concentration at the expense of their blood. The whole procedure was painful, hectic, expensive, and, prone to capture infections or diseases, which could get even worse on periodic monitoring. Currently, the majority of the monitoring devices available in the market are non-invasive which are not automated indeed, so, the objective of our project was to design such a device that could solve these problems and also make its position in the market. The idea of the non-invasive technique was phenomenal in the diagnostic measurements as it removed all the basic problems in the invasive method and served as a major break-through in the advancement of the clinical instruments. This project report contains a literature survey of renal diseases and their abundance, the history of blood urea and creatinine measurement, and the possible non-invasive techniques. The circuit designing was done with basic electronics knowledge which was also tried on Multisim simulation software. The basic idea of the instrument is to develop equipment that never requires a single drop of blood. The goal to remove the cons of invasive methodology will also dramatically improve the quality of blood urea and creatinine monitoring of patients, which will greatly contribute to the prevention and treatment of lifestyle-related diseases for sure.
Medical Mr. Ammad Asim Haseeb Asif (TL),Ahmed Aliyan, Daniyal Hussain, Muhammad Arham Siddiqui, SYED AMMAR UDDIN
12 The Pet Club
“The Pet Club” came up with a solution that provides convenient, time-saving solutions. It is an app-based portal that will provide the owners with features like online shopping for pets and buying pet food. Our clients are dog and cat owners who find it difficult to get authentic vet appointments or any Grooming services or who are busy with work and traveling and need Pet food and other Essentials to be delivered on their doorsteps. Pet Club. Offers a variety of pet care services, all in the pet’s home environment, including:
·   Vet Appointments
·   Online Pet Food delivery services at the doorstep
·   providing access to register to different Pet Shows or events all over the city
·   Emergency treatment in case of illness (arranged through veterinarians)
·   Counseling services at your door for new pet owners
·   Lost and Found Portal


E-Commerce Mr. Ammad Asim Abeera Choudhry (TL), Ameet, Faryal Khwaja, Komal Agha, Mohiba Mazher



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